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Why Us?

IGS is a company dedicated to solving the needs of the transport sector in all its auto parts, providing its clients with a quick and effective solution for direct factory imports, thus guaranteeing the best prices, dispatches, exclusivities and quality.

IGS is located in South Florida, business epicenter for the entire continent, it has years of experience in the direct importation of auto parts factory and as a specialty the tire sector, counting on the exclusivity of factories such as Firemax on the TBR and PCR, and many other brands in lines such as truck wheels, OTR tires and MOTO. Providing our clients with quality products, variety, agile dispatches and all the certifications that confirm the quality of the products, ISO, ECE, DOT, SGS and INMETRO.

We have a highly qualified staff, IGS is up to meet the needs of markets such as the north, center and south of the continent, where its distributions are spread at the moment.

We have an inventory that is sufficiently stocked to supply the market, and alliances with world-class shippers to guarantee efficient transport, with traceability and security from China, Thailand, Vietnam and India.

For this and much more, your best alternative and solution is IGS (In Group Solutions)